Knowledge and data that need to interoperate together successfully need to adhere to the same terminology standards, both inside and outside of an AI environment.This reality led the European Union to legislate terminology standards, under their INSPIRE Directive, for a great many of the data sets that they produce today. 


Since two key elements of Minerva’s technology are its ability to have knowledge from different sources interoperate, and to repurpose knowledge to address different problems, Minerva adheres to the terminology standards of the EU.  These standards are extended, as catered for by INSPIRE, when the existing standard is inadequate for the task at hand.

The INSPIRE Directive deals with 34 data themes, such as Geology, Land Use and Species Distribution.  Most of their geologically-related terminology standards have been copied directly from the standards developed by the Council for Geoscience Information (CGI), a subsidiary of the IUGS.

Importantly, Geoscience Australia has also adopted the terminology standards developed by the CGI, as explained here.  Geoscience Australia provides an informative widget for exploring the CGI terminologies which has been included below for the Simple Lithology taxonomy. Australia’s support of standard vocabularies is fully explained here.

The "Concepts" page of this website provides for interactive navigation through the different geologically-related standard terminologies adhered to by Minerva. 

The LEO auto-tagging facility uses primarily the terms in these terminology lists to tag documents, but will also suggest other terms considered important, based on LEO's corpus analysis.